Loans By Suzette

Loans by Suzette is committed to being a complete and total financing resource for you as they have been for the last three decades.

All Types of Loans for All Types of People

Welcome to Loans by Suzette – a complete mortgage financing company dedicated to the best pricing, excellent customer service and providing a broad array of products to meet client’s needs.

There are many good reasons to choose LBS to handle your upcoming financial needs – the biggest being that they will advise you based on experience what the best course of action would be for YOU.  While they are in business to finance the purchase and refinance of real estate, they have talked many clients out of refinancing over the years if it did not make good financial sense for their needs.  While Loans by Suzette is  in business to make money, they pride ourselves on recommending solutions for clients that are based on their needs, not  fees.

Loans by Suzette has:

  • Great Rates
  • The Highest Level of Customer Service
  • A Wide Selection of Products
  • An Extremely Experienced, Knowledgeable and Efficient Staff
  • Long Term Relationships to Assist with Difficult Transactions
  • Improved Pricing due to our Volume and Typical Client Profile
  • Donated Time and Money to Programs that Contribute to our Community

Their proprietary system of customizing All Types of Loans for All Types of People is based on the premise that loan options are vast and you need an experienced guide to navigate the nuance of what makes one program a better choice for you than another.  At Loans by Suzette, they ask questions and listen to your answers.  LBS wants to know what your expected plans are for the property; the length of time you are going to hold it, whether your income is likely to increase or decrease over the next several years or if this is your first home purchase and you need extra time and resources for addressing your questions.

Loans by Suzette business is entirely referral based, so it is our goal that you return happily.  Our closing ratio is triple the industry average.  We work tirelessly to make the Loan Process as easy as possible for you.  We work hard for and appreciate the referral of friends and family and treat each and every customer as if they are our only one.  Please tell a friend if you are happy with us.  Please tell us if there is anything we can do to make your experience better.

If you give us them the privilege of arranging your financing, you will find out why more than 80% of their customer base becomes a repeat customer.  Don’t delay, rates are moving.  Chose the ultimate professionals to guide you through the process.